Wednesday, March 24, 2021

2021 Food City Dirt Race at Bristol Motor Speedway CUP TandemDraft Stats

TandemDraft Stats for the NASCAR Cup Series

Food City Dirt Race at Bristol Motor Speedway 
Sunday, 3/28/21 at 3:30pm ET
250 Total Laps (Stages End at Lap 75/150/250)

Drivers listed as part of TandemDraft Stats are based on Jayski's Race Page:

Note: Prior to the race on Sunday, there will be two practices on Saturday.  Also on Saturday, there will be four 15-lap qualifying heat races to determine the starting lineup. 

TandemDraft Stats Key: Stats from 2018-2020 listed below are from Bristol paved surface races.  Due to a lack of NASCAR Cup Series dirt track data, Eldora Speedway dirt surface race data was included up to the 4 most recent races (if any).  There are up to 2 numbers listed on each line item (Results/Qual/Laps Led/Avg Running Position/Fastest Laps) with the first number being from the most recent race in the given year and the second number being from the earlier race in the given year.

Results:  The position from which a driver finishes the race based on the Race Results provided by NASCAR.

Qualified:  The position from which a driver begins the race based on the Starting Lineup provided by NASCAR.  

Laps Led:  How many times a driver is in 1st place after completing a lap.

Avg Running Position:  The position on the track that a driver runs during all green flag laps run on average in a given race.

Fastest Laps:  How many times a driver had the fastest lap of all drivers.

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