Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Cup Series TandemDraft Stats: FireKeepers Casino 400 at Michigan 8/7/22

TandemDraft Stats for the NASCAR Cup Series

FireKeepers Casino 400
Michigan International Speedway / Banked D-Shape Oval / 2.0 miles
Sunday, 8/7/22 @ 3:00pm ET
200 Total Laps (Stages End at Lap 45/120/200)

Drivers listed as part of TandemDraft Stats are based on Jayski's Race Page: https://www.jayski.com/nascar-cup-series/2022-nascar-cup-series-michigan-race-page/

TandemDraft Stats Key: There are up to 2 numbers listed on each line item (Results/Qual/Laps Led/Avg Running Position/Fastest Laps) with the first number being from the most recent race in the given year and the second number being from the earlier race in the given year.

Results:  The position from which a driver finishes the race based on the Race Results provided by NASCAR.

Qualified:  The position from which a driver begins the race based on the Starting Lineup provided by NASCAR.  

Laps Led:  How many times a driver is in 1st place after completing a lap.

Avg Running Position:  The position on the track that a driver runs during all green flag laps run on average in a given race.

Fastest Laps:  How many times a driver had the fastest lap of all drivers.

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